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Not sure if this is the place for bug reports, but the windows version has an issue where it can't find undertow.ogg. You can technically still play, but the message pops up every 5 seconds and gets annoying fast.

I did fix it by taking the file from the mac version, but I thought I'd let you know.

Also the bgs from the bar also persists after the map transfer. The description implies you fixed it, maybe you forgot the windows version?\


Finished it. Got to say, its pretty good! Does a nice job blending lightheartedness with the unsettling horror vibe, and of course sexy damsel scenarios. There were some bugs and typos here and there, but nothing too glaring. (Minus the missing aforementioned music issue.)

Overall pretty nice. I hope to see more, cause we can't end it here, I need to know the rest after all!

Hey thanks for the heads up I fixed that glitch :) Also I do have 3 more chapters in mind, the third should be out by mid December :)