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Chapter 4 is out for a public test guys! In this Chapter you will be taking control of Bella.  Well known for her cheer leading skills and kind heart she is loved by all! Being thrown into a hotel ravished by monsters and slavers she must find her friends and escape.

Right now it's still pretty early in development with many more scenes planned for the near future. Any feedback is welcome so after you're done playing come here and leave a note! You can see more of my work at my DeviantArt or Patreon. For a walk-thorugh head over to my DA and under the link I'll be slowly updating one :)




Arrow keys/ Mouse - Movement

Spacebar - Confirm

Esc- Menu/Cancel

Shift - Hold down to walk (Always run is enabled by default)


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Chapter 4 Mac.zip 404 MB
Chapter 4 windows.zip 270 MB


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But has this game been paused or will it continue?

I'm already stuck how do I get passed the spiderwebs in the bathroom

I'm bit confused about being a patron it says get the £8 membership but I don't get what the benefits are? Does getting the adult version of your games extra money to download? 

Really loving ur games so far

Hope u can help

Hello and first thank you for the interest in my games, I really appreciate it! So what happens is no matter what time you pledge once the adult version gets released I’ll send you a copy. For Residents of Evilville that will be rather soon :)  So for example if you pledge this month you will still receive a copy of the games adult version once it’s done along with Christmas Panstu Collector.

is it just them 2 games that i get an adult version? because i really love this game. i know its gonna be quite a while till its done but its well worth the wait

many thanks


is there any way to get the spicier versions without paying monthly? a one time payment would be manageable but paying monthly via patreon isnt really possible for me

For a NSFW RPG maker game its just AwEsOmE owo(and i already introduced me as wierdo~)
I just was hoping for a little more horror, but the games are demos so imma wait for a full release before i judge about it.

As for the story, I think its really well made before i started chapter 1 i was not really interested. After finishing chapter 1 The game had me- Im really ecxited for the done version of chapter 4 and excited how the story will end. 

Its just a shame that i have to tell you that i found ALOT bugs and glitches. and chapter 2 even froze multiple times.

I say you have alot potential in creating games! Keep up that good work, ill look forward donating you some. 

Thanks alot for making the game ^^


i heard that the full chapter 4 was release but i cant find it can someone help me

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One bug I noticed is that getting the Knife from the room unlocked with the Rusted Key causes the Flashlight beam to no longer appear.

Also, is it possible to Game Over in the intro sequence?


I'm currently stuck in the hospital. I just finished the scene with Stephanie and have gotten the following items:

Fire axe, Crowbar, Bathroom Key, Book of Slimanese, Green Gem, Le Livre de la Servitude, Rusted Key, Flashlight, knife, and the soul fragments.

When going to Chairman Meow his hint simply says the rusted key can be used outside, which is how i got the knife (I think it was the knife at least). 

What is my next step?

Hey there, unfortunately that's the end of the demo at the moment. I'll be back to working on it slowly once Residents of Evilville is complete :)

Ah, so it's not done, okay, good to know, I was trying to figure out what to do next


You're doing what I've always dreamed of doing.

Thank you for that. What do you dream of doing?

Making a porno game. I started ;)


Part 5 when?


The dev is on the front lines of dealing with coronavirus patients, so things are going to be slow for awhile. Give him time. 


Thank god it's slowing down so i can get back to developing games. Still haven;t caught it yet so fingers crossed!

Wood is knocked on :) 

When I'm done with Residents of Evilville i'll be going back to hostage Hotel :)

Thanks for the reply. I'm looking forward to it. Big fan


I get this error message when I try to load the game. I've done it on both mac and Crossover, and can't get either version to work. 

Game has encountered a bug. Please report it. TypeError: Cannot read property 'blendModes' of undefined at Function.Graphics._createRenderer (KhasUltraLighting.js:397:28) at Function.Graphics._createAllElements (rpg_core.js:2339:10) at Function.Graphics.initialize (rpg_core.js:1769:10) at Function.SceneManager.initGraphics (rpg_managers.js:1822:14) at Function.SceneManager.initialize [as khas_core_initialize] (rpg_managers.js:1811:10) at Function.SceneManager.initialize (KhasCore.js:126:10) at Function.SceneManager.run (rpg_managers.js:1802:14) at Function.SceneManager.run (YEP_CoreEngine.js:1367:32) at window.onload (main.js:8:18) Press F5 to restart the game.

That’s a common issue with the lighting system if your graphics card isn’t up to date. Make sure the drivers for the graphics card are updated and it should be fine, if not message me and I’ll see if I can work out a solution.


Can you progress further than getting rusty key?

At the moment no, I never really got to far into devloping this game yet! I will be back at it after Residents of Evilville

Awww, you done got us hooked on the story and we gotta wait more..but totally worth it if it's as good as the previous chapters have been :) 

Hmm I can't even download, even when I use Google.

Whats it saying when you try to DL it from the sites

Has this been updated or whill it be updated?

It will be updated after I finish Residents of Evilville :)

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"File missing" idk. might because i had a sneaky virus. But even after that it still says "File missing". Edit:Though I doubt it's your fault Double Edit: Just realized my file was missing... oops Triple Edit: How do you make a file btw

What file are you missing?

(2 edits)

It only says file missing, nothing else, which is weird...

Edit: nvm it has to go through a super long process of random things cause there was a bug. I think it was fixed sorry for the trouble. I just had to download redownload and repeat until the bug doesnt catch up to the download. idk why it worked, on like the one thousandth time

Second edit: according to the first comment, i finished, but the part where it kicks you out of the room and gives you the key, i love that part. Anyways, i really enjoy your games(especially unfinished ones). And hopefully you finish this game before idk, before the world ends, which might be soon.

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I like it but its way too dark + I cant figure out how to progress from the parking lot at the hospital or is that not in the game yet

Hey for some reason i was never alerted to this message. Did you figure it out?

Im loving it! Make it less dark though.

yes it is way to dark