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2 girls stuck in a snow storm decide to take refuge in a local hotel. Uknown to them this hotel holds a secret, one that few live to discover. Follow 3 playable characters as they journey though the halls of the mysterious hotel and uncover the secrets that lie in The Lancaster Hotel.



Hey guys, someone as posted a vidoe of the game! if you want you can check it out here:

Amy question contact me at:


StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
Tagsbdsm, bondage, damsel, Female Protagonist, Horror, kidnap, RPG Maker, Survival Horror
Average sessionA few seconds


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This game is fascinating and fun. While I initially played it a while back after having found it, I've since played it iirc three times, one of these times being with some friends whom I played the series up to chapter four with. It's horny but also just fun, interestingly enough. The game does tip toe into both horror and horny while keeping it interesting all the way through. I started playing because it has le lesbians but stayed because it was so wacky and fun.
Big recommend from me as long as you're okay with the odd fetishes discovered and weird horror segments, and even if you are unsure; it's free so try it out as long as you're comfortable with it. Either way, it's fun and I can't wait for the next chapter!
Cheers Bondco dev!

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Thank for the compliments! I’m redoing the entire game from scratch so I hope you stick around :)

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When i saw it was last updated 2018 i tought you left this game. But this is great news to hear. Good Job

Edit: Im stupid, this is just the first chapter

Hello, i am at the start at the first solo play with bella and i must find the 3 letters these  have i found but, every combination i test don't work. My question is can anyone help me there or can me say what i have make wrong?


The password is Cat if I remember correctly. 

Cat isn't wright but thanks.

hate games that just have a "you lose return to title screen route"

I personally like them, however with that being said I do prefer more action after a game over. I just haven't found the right formula yet! If you have any recommendations though I am always open to discussion :)

Do you think these will ever be playable on mobile in browser?

I'm considering making future games for mobile, but these won't be made for mobile.

Okay, thanks for letting me know. Though I probably won’t be playing more chapters of this because I’m really squeamish. I probably should have looked at the tags but they’re hidden when I enter the page.

Are future games that you’ll make going to be horror as well or a bit more lighthearted?

I'm going to be doing a mix, games like Residents of Evilville and Christmas Pantsu Collector are much more lighthearted. I love making horror games but I do understand it's not for everyone.

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I found a "Cursed Totem" in a jar next to the reception desk, above the wine (which, by the way, allows you to pick it up again and again and adds one to your inventory each time), but there doesn't appear to be any use for it. Is it just a leftover from something you scrapped, or did I miss something?

Edit: Nevermind, I just realized it's what opens the hole at the stores, I didn't make that connection.

I'm happy you figured it out! Next time I'll try to reply a little quicker haha.

Hey, is this Android friendly? If so, how do the controls work?


I never actually made this for anything other than PC and Mac. It was my literal first attempt at making a game so I had no clue how do do mobile games.

How come only Hostage Hotel 2 is available on Mac and not 1 or 3?

I just met the surgeon and the game ended saying "Thanks for playing the demo" or something like that. I thought this was the completed version of chapter 1?

It is,  just disregard that piece of text. i never took it out of the game haha.

Hello, I am having an issue with this as well. I get the text, and then a yes/no option to return to the title screen. However, selecting either option still returns me to the title. I took a screenshot as well. Can you assist? I messaged you on your deviant art account as well, since i'm not sure which place you are more active on. Thank You.

That's the end of Chapter 1 and the game continues on into chapter 2 :)