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So, it says "Missing files, please reinstall" and it still doesnt work

Ok, nevermind, you can just use chrome instead of opera

Ahh you’re playing in the browser? I honestly didn’t realize you can play RPGmaker games in browser unless you did something special haha.

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I meant download... I tried to download from Oper Edit: Opera

Damn I love your games.

TypeError Cannot read property 'blendModes' of undefined

you know how to fix it ?

Hey thats because of old graphics card drivers. Update the drivers and it should go away ;)

Is Chapter 4 going to be released today, or did I interpret your comment wrong?

Yup! In the process of finishing the page up ;)

please make this for android.

For future game I will try :)

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loved it when will chapter 4 be realeased?

Hey there, Chapter 4 gets released next week Friday :)

awesome nice work


Will there be chapter 4?


Yup! The game will have 5 chapters total. Im working on 4 for now.

Is there a release date for chapter 4?

Not at the moment, Im hoping for a late July early August time frame though.

Thank you so much for reply.

Will download a bit later on my computer. Love your art!

Thank you so much :) 

Where's chapter 1 and 2??

They're in my profile, I have them seperate. Would you like a link?

yes please 😍😍

Loved the game so far ❤️

Sorry for the late reply!

No worries, thanks. I'm a fan

Can't review this one :) 

What do you mean?


Found some typos but no real bugs. Any ETA on chapter 4?

I dont at the moment but Im hard at work with it :)

Loved it so far!

Thank you so much :)