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As residents of a sleepy town called Trash Panda City disappear, a special elite task force is called in to save the day. Will these elite warriors save the town? Probably... because they're elite! But the real question is will Claire save the day?

Take control of Claire, a totally mundane not special at all person who dives head first into a zombie apocalypse to find her brother. Armed with her ponytail and a lifetime of social awkwardness will she be able to find her brother and escape or become a slave to some kinky opportunists?


Hey guys we're here at version 0.6! Currently this version takes you to the end of day 4. If you had a previous saves I highly recommend you not use them and start new! If you catch any glitches or bugs post here or send me a note :) Head over to my Patreon if you'd like to take a look at day 5 and more content.

Say hello to the cast!

Claire Bluefield:

Paige Thompson:

Carol Thompson:

Eva and Ava:


1.) I'm trying to play on Mac but it doesn't work.

-It's usually an issue with security permissions. Modify it on your mac and it should be fixed

2.) Does the game have an adult version?

-It will have one, most of the scenes in the game have steamier variations. The only way to access it is to be a $10 Patron or have donated $10 or over. I don't have a date just yet but will be working on getting a release window out soon.

3.) Where can I post questions regarding the game, or bug reports? 

- It's easiest for me if you post it either on my Discord or here on the game page. It makes it easier for me to consolidate and read everything!

Support me because I'm amazing ;)

Support the game on Patreon!

Support the game on Patreon!


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how mini more updates are there going to be

Free update? 2 more big ones and possibly a couple smaller bug fixes.


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i think i found a bug im on day2 im trying to get the pumpkin juice and the thing that should offer it dont give any popup menu and bit of further testing snack does seem to not give a menu either

That’s not a bug. The pumpkin juice is next to the pumpkin man.

thanks for answering the question! It’s really funny everyone has such a problem finding it haha. I might make it more obvious.

Is there gonna be a lot more scenes on day 7?

Day 7 is broken up into 3 parts with a lot of scenes. It’s gonna have the most out of all the days :)

Sweet looking forward even more to play it


Found another bug in 0.86. In the last scene with Jill on day 6/7, the sequence gets stuck and loops forever. The only way out is to exit the game and reload a previous save.


That’s a bug I just fixed. Somehow every time I fixed it the issue would pop up again. Fingers crossed that it’s gone for good haha.

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Hello, I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if I'm just stupid, but I think I may have glitched the game and become stuck. Unfortunately I'm not sure what day I'm on, but its the day where you wear a straightjacket to work after babysitting Ava and Eva the previous night.

I can't seem to progress any further after helping the three customers. I returned to Carol and she took off the restraints, and then the world (except the apartment) seemingly reverted to the previous day. Going to "status" in the menu always shows two different status screens randomly, one showing all clear (correct) and one showing a mouth of panties (incorrect, from the previous night). Paige and Carol both act like I am still at work, but I've already completed work and should have moved on to something else. Apologies if I'm just missing something and this is expected.

This is on version 0.86.

UPDATE: I reloaded a previous save and was able to avoid this by doing two things:
1. I did NOT go outside after returning to carol. Instead, I went straight to Paige.
2. I did NOT interact with the can of food on the store shelves. I had previously gotten the cat food on a different day, but the option to pick up a can had returned. I think that interaction may be there by mistake?

UPDATE 2: With further testing, its actually something outside that causes the reset. I think its either the mansion or the hut with the monster. I entered both of those one after another, and when I returned the world had reset to day 4.

Yeah I marked two different switches down as the same switch and used them interchangeably. It’s funny how such a little mistake screws everything up haha. It’ll be fixed next update so thanks for the heads up.  How are you liking the updates?

I totally get it, I'm a software developer so I'm used to tiny changes breaking everything! I actually haven't played any previous versions, but I'm really enjoying the game so far.  I'm impressed with the quality and level of polish, especially considering that this is a pre-release version.

I have a couple of questions, if its not a bother:
1. For patreon-only updates, where would you like feedback? Is here still fine?
2. Do you have a public bug tracker or known issue list, to avoid reporting bugs that you might already know about?

Toure never a bother man, you’re actually a really big help and I appreciate it! For bugs if you just post it here that’s perfectly fine. I’m trying to get my Discord more active so as once that’s a little more official I’ll be using that but I’ll make a post about it once it’s ready :)

Alright, i've seem to have found another bug, on Windows this time. On Day 4, after i've delivered the package and did the side quests, after i talked to carol and she told me to talk with paige, the game world was set to Day 2, with paige still beeing bound in the yoga postion. (Also Day 2 is displayed if i dropped a save, however the play time didn't change.) It happened twice, the third time it worked. Previously i just begun to overwrite save slots 1-2, and after the second time i've also overwritten slot 3 which was from around that stage.

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Alright the same happend again after i left her room. If you want i can send you my safe game, i've saved the bugged on slot 4&5

That’s a glitch I actually just fixed and will be uploading this month. It was me using two of the same switches for an event but I marked them wrong. It took me forever to figure it out but it’ll be removed in the next update! Thanks for the heads up :)

Is that update already out, since i am stuck at the same point i think.


For patrons it’s it on Monday. Everyone else gets an update around the last week of June :)

Hey, i'm plaing on mac, and there seems to be a bug. When i try to save the game, after i've selectet a slot and try to click save, an error beep sounds and it says "Please select a file slot." I've just unzipped the content put it in a folder and startet the app.

(1 edit)

Oh and when i try to edit the options, after pressing escape this Error Message appears: Unknown Error Error: EROFS: read-only file system, mkdir '/ (filepath) /Game.app/Contents/Resources/app.nw/save/'

so after i've created an folder names save at that location, it became lager by save/config.rpgsave

I suspect the game is unable to to create the neccesary files? 

and after i've created a file names config.rpgsave the game experienced an immideate bug report. Without it i can play it though.

There are a lot of issues with the MAC version due to me exporting it on a PC. In the update after the next I will be doing my best to get a proper export :)

Ok, cool. Guess i‘ll play it on my desktop then :)

is there a way to make the game fullscreen

If you hold ALT and Enter it will force the game into full screen resolution. Hope you enjoy the game :)


Deleted 61 days ago

I tried holding alt and enter but nothing happened

Does your monitor supports 720p? Alt and Enter usually forces any screen into full screen.

how does one access your discord?

Oh my I haven't been on Discord in a while. If you want to reach me: broseidon_of_the_sea#2975 but I don't really check it too much.

Deleted 61 days ago

Just wondering, but do you think in the future you will add in a feature that once you see a pic for the first time, there would be a room to go to and view all seen pictures, atm i just have about 20 different saves for just before a picture occurs, and its a bit inconvenient


Also, how do you skip to day 3 afterdoing day 2, I tried everytinhg, including re-loading an older save file before i played the jill vhs. Do you have to go to the top of the bed?

Hello there and there will definitely be that feature in the final release which will be the update after the next one. And to get to that day you have to go to the woman’s bathroom in the gas station, I’m going to add more dialogue ques to make it more obvious in the future!

thanks, really enjoying your game, and im really looking forward to the full release. Just wondering, but if I were to sign up to the patreon now, would the password that i receive still work for the full version.


is there any way to get the spicier versions without paying monthly? a one time payment would be manageable but paying monthly via patreon isnt really possible for me

Oh no it's only going to be a one time payment! What I do is once it's done I release it finished with a password. Anyone that pledged in that time period from production will have access to it. 

(1 edit)

Im not sure I understand? do I just pay on patreon for one month and cancel afterwards? can you set a time limit on patreon/can you only pay for one month like twitch subs?

(sorry but I never really used patreon so sorry if these questions are stupid)

nevermind I figured it out sorry for the trouble(love the game by the way great job!)

It's no trouble man, I always love to talk to someone that enjoys my games. The adult version isn't out yet but it will be soon.

I have the same question and wasn't able to sort it out on my own.  I've never used Patreon before.  Do I pick the membership and cancel after a month?  Thx.

You do great work!

Yeah you can do that and as once the game comes out with the adult version I'll send it over!


I'm stuck after Jill's kidnapping, what should I do ?

Are you stuck after playing the VHS?


That's a glitch I'm fixing in the next update, sorry about that. Just reload an older save and skip that scene for now.


im on day 2 how do i get pass that day i think ive finished all the quest


What part are you specifically stuck on?


Is there nudity/sex scenes or do I need to pledge to get the content?

Once I get that version finished it will be for the $10 pledges only.


I'm stuck at the part after Claire meets Ashley and they escape before running into the zombies. Are you supposed to do something with the barrels?

just click on the wooden fence next to her and you should be good.

oh ok, thanks


I'm stuck at the part where jill gets kidnapped. What am i supposed to do?


How do i wait for the next day?

when will a new update come?

(1 edit)

I'm gonna be honest, with my work schedule right now due to the vaccine rollout I have no clue when I could update the free version. But as once I get a date I will post it both here and on my DA.

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Hi i gett this message when i boot up the game

Game has encountered a bug. Please report it.

TypeError: Cannot read property 'blendModes' of undefined
at Function.Graphics._createRenderer (KhasUltraLighting.js:397:28)
at Function.Graphics._createAllElements (rpg_core.js:2339:10)
at Function.Graphics.initialize (rpg_core.js:1769:10)
at Function.SceneManager.initGraphics (rpg_managers.js:1822:14)
at Function.SceneManager.initialize [as khas_core_initialize] (rpg_managers.js:1811:10)
at Function.SceneManager.initialize (KhasCore.js:126:10)
at Function.SceneManager.run (rpg_managers.js:1802:14)
at Function.SceneManager.run (YEP_CoreEngine.js:1367:32)
at window.onload (main.js:8:18)

btw i love your other games

That's a pretty common issue with drivers. Update your graphics card and it should go away. And thanks bro, really appreciate that. I still have a lot of work to do so stay tuned!

That does not work I have tried and I have the newest graphics card drivers available for my pc

Damn that usually works, alright I'll have to take a look into it. 

Thank you. I dont know if this has anything to do with it but i have windows pro education as my operating system

Hey there, i am now at day 4 and still looking for the location, that the mean woman gave me. If i look up my inventory, i don't have anything related to it. Where can i find the location? I saw an earlier comment about it being in an alley but where is that?

The alleyway is a sperate scene, for now I didn't finish the quest line with the mean lady. It'll be in a future update. How you liking the game so far?]

Oh dear, this game is just perfect so far, with all it's cliché jokes and quirks. I truly enjoy it. But if i am being honest, i would expected more latex or leather in it (the teasing of the mansion made me crave for more!). other than that: fapulous!

For some reason, it does not allow me to save the game on Mac. When i go to save the game in a save file, it makes a buzzer sound and does not save. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Love the game.

Its an issue with Mac's I'll be fixing in the coming patches!

why tho

Why not.

i'm blocked, i just speak to the cat after he bring me to the Pink's hair lady, and after that, i have speak to everbody, but i have no more quest

Hey sorry for this late reply, did you speak to Paige again?

(1 edit) (+1)

How I pass the quest after talk with ashley at the apartment ? Thanks

(1 edit)

If I want to change the map, it will show  "I think I need to do somthing" but I don't know what should I do ?


how to you not help the karen? im trying to get the full chastity bondage image you see in the "sttus" menu

There are a couple of other characters around that can trap you in devices if you talk to them ;)


who am i  missing, i only got the karen, the chick with the magic ball, and the chick whose talking about pictures at night

I was in androids


So I'm on the babysitter day, and I think I'm stuck

I'm past the point were Ada is in the box and Jill is kidnapped, and Claire meets the girl in the alley (after getting the location from the mean woman), but I'm not sure where to go next.

Carol and Paige are in their rooms and there doesn't seem to be any events to trigger in the store, or the apartments or the outside area.

(1 edit)

Did you check the womens bathroom for Eva and Ava?

(2 edits) (+1)

You mean the scene where they tie her to the toilet?  I already passed that scene (I think that was the previous day)

(Maybe it's a bug?)

(1 edit) (+1)

Okay, I figured it out, it's a bug, if you go into Carol's room in the morning on day 4, you cause the game to reset the outside and block off the residential area, I had to restart the game from the beginning, since I didn't have an earlier save

Hey so I fixed that glitch, sorry about that!


I think the glitch is back, because I seem to have gotten stuck at the same point in the latest download (lucky me I have older saves).

What do you mean with meeting in the Alley, I'm still missing that one.

There is a scene with a girl in the alley that is next to the shop


cant be downloaded threw itch app for windows dont know why


The app seems to be weird for some games. Download it from browser and it should be find, I'll have to look into why the app isnt working.


i did and so far i like it alot, i use  the app cause its easier to manage stuff tho. just a prefrence


Hi. I want to open the door behind the fireplace, how in the mansion. Thank you

You need the two sets of antlers. One of them can be found in the bathroom, the other can be obtained after you place the first pair on the deers head. The deer is to the right side of the room the fireplace is in.

Okay, so this is the first game I've purchased here (found you through dA) so it's probably me... but I download the file for Mac and then it doesn't work.  When I click on the "game" file it says "The application 'GAME' can't be opened."

Am I missing something?  Thanks in advance!

Hey Kelly thank you for donating but just FYI the game is free haha. It seems that one other person had this issue and I've been trying to find an answer. You're sure your downloading the MAC version and not the windows version right?


Yes, definitely the Mac version.

I hope you can figure it out, but if not it's okay... I'll consider my meager donation as going toward a good cause!  The game looks amazing!

Hey buddy I think I found the solution that worked for someone else. It can be due to security permissions on your MAC. If you change that to allow the game to run it should be fine! Tell me if it does :)


It worked!  Hurray!


Amazing update!!!
Just one thing: I got stuck next to "yoga-girl", to her right, above the green bed - good thing I spam-save.
Maybe move the green bed down a block?

Ahhh a dumb movement glitch, alright Ill patch that right up! and thank you for the kind words :)

(2 edits) (+1)

Bug in 0.6: If you enter Carol's bedroom on Day 4 (at least in the morning), it resets the other areas to "Day 2" mode. However, you are stuck, as the event required to progress to night is gone.

Alright I'll have a fix for that this week! In my next game I'm gonna make the day flag differently haha.


This is v0.8?

V 0.6, the version youre mentioning is on Patreon.


When. will it release

The update will be out tonight around 8-9 pm eastern

okay cool


heyhey, i have trouble saving the game and i don't want to lose my gameplay, so help

What seems to be the issue? If you hit the "esc" button a save screen should be visible. 


there is a save screen visible, but every time i want to save my progress, there is always this buzzer sound and i honestly don't know why...


very very slow, however im am very impressed, a triumph of a game, personal experience and needs some WASD changes, i broke my arrow keys because of the slowness lol ;)

You can actually hold shift to dash, or in the main menu select "always dash" to speed things up :)


Can't download through app and webpage won't load.

I completely forgot itchio had an app. I'll take a look at if for the next update :)

when is the next update planned?


Should be at the end of next month :) 


Thanks Bro, nice to know 👍

I seem to be having an issue clicking the Cold Goods chest in the gas station. I can't find the hitbox to activate it and continue going.

The cold goods isn't necessary to my memory. What part are you stuck on?

The pumpkin juice request


The pumpkin juice is right next to him. Its the orange glowing object directly to his left.


Thanks bro. Have a great day.

I'm having troubles with opening the game.The error said :"TypeError: Cannot read property 'blendModes' of undefined".Can anyone help me?


That's an issue with the graphics card,  if you update your drivers it should work just fine!


Love the game so far! I was torn between triggering traps and not...   Ever thought about having the character sprite change to reflect the level of bondage?

I really want to do that, but time is the limiting factor and its taking me a while to learn how to make good looking sprites. Maybe in future games :)

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