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As residents of a sleepy town called Trash Panda City disappear, a special elite task force is called in to save the day. Will these elite warriors save the town? Probably... because they're elite! But the real question is will Claire save the day?

Take control of Claire Bluefield, a totally mundane not special at all girl who dives head first into a zombie apocalypse in order to find her brother. Armed with only her beloved hair formula and a lifetime of social awkwardness will she be able to find her brother and escape or become a slave to some kinky opportunists?

  • 70+ CG's to be found throughout the game that range from rescuing residents around the town to being the one that needs rescuing.
  • Do chores! And be punished if you do them wrong. Since y'know, it's a game brimming with damsels in distress.
  • Uncover the mystery of the virus through puzzles and exploration.
  • Save towns folk in order to unlock scenes in the later days of the game. Oh, you forgot to save Jill Smellentine on day 4? Looks like she's gone forever and so are those spicy scenes!

Say hello to your damsels!

Claire Bluefield:

Paige Thompson:

Carol Thompson:

Eva and Ava:


1.) I'm trying to play on Mac but it doesn't work.

-I'm working on a version that will be playable on AppleOS, I'll post here as once I have a working version!

2.) Does the game have an adult version?

-It does and it's almost complete! Head over to my Patreon and you can find a link there. At the moment it has 60+ adult CG's, and a slightly altered storyline. In order to make the adult content flow better I decided to just remake a lot of aspects of the characters and game so it better fit.

3.) Where can I post questions regarding the game, or bug reports? 

- It's easiest for me if you post it here on this page. At the moment I don't have a discord but will in the future.

4.) Do you have a walkthrough?

-Yes, and I'll be uploading that at the end of June with the next update.

5.) Is there a gallery where you can see all the scenes?

-Yes, as of right now it's only implemented in the Spicy version on my Patreon. However along with the walkthrough at the end of June I'll have the gallery in the standard version as well.

Support me on Patreon so I can continue to make these fun games :)

Support the game on Patreon!
Support the game on Patreon!
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
TagsAdult, bondage, Erotic, Female Protagonist, Horror, Lesbian, NSFW, RPG Maker, Story Rich, Yuri


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EDIT: Download apparently only through purchase email. "I just paid for this but don't find it available. Where's the download? No download appears available or selectable to install. "

so im not sure if i can get a answer to this but the download u posted on the site for me atleast didnt have a saves folder at all im not sure why but it made playing this game impossible since every time i tryed to save it just error'd well not just save i couldnt even go into the options

Are you playing on Mac or PC?

PC and i fixed it myself for some reason it forces me to run as admin to get it to work correctly im not sure why but thats what i gotta do

need help...site not allowing install (cannot find version)

Are you using the App for Itchio or the website?

if I remember it was the desktop app...I save everything to collections and then download from collections normally 

Are the spicy version scenes available in the gallery or do you have to play the game to see them?

They鈥檙e available in the gallery, you start the game off in the gallery for the spicy version.

are there ava or ashley spicy scenes?


Hey bro,is this version the complete version?Because i seem to be stuck at day 4 after saving the girl from the spider webs.The only place i can go to is a house in the residential avenue where i get kidnapped and the game ends.Is this game only till day 4 or is there more?

So sorry for the late reply! Yeah this version is mostly complete. Day 4 you have to go to Annette鈥檚 house all the way to the right most area. 

Right at the end of the game, before you feed Ava. Claire still has the appearance of Paige as the character model.

Interesting bug, are you playing the spicy version?

Spicy Version? I don't think so. I'm playing the free version.

Android Version 馃え

I'll see if RPGmakerMV can export it properly. If you'd like to test it out shoot me a message on Patreon of Deviantart.

I ran into a bug, not game breaking, just seems out of order. ROE 1.04 Spicy

During the first night, I had the first couch scene with cuffs. Went out to inspect the car. I reenter the building intending to go to sleep, and the same couch scene repeats, but the graphics are still from reentering the building. The graphics that change are the layers that get added during that scene. Then the dream sequence immediately follows, which looks normal and continues into the next day.

Save: Go outside, inspect the car, enter the building, https://www.mediafire.com/file/7203tm84wcztgo9/file6.rpgsave/file

This is that glitch that just never goes away. Literally hate this bug haha. Ok I'll check it out and post an update on it, I don't know why it pops up every other version.

Two questions, related to the spicy version specifically. How do I feed Chairman Meow on day 1? (I assume he's the cat that's near the west pumps, anyway.) And second, was the most recent update the one with a walkthrough? If so, how do I access it?

Thank you for all the work you've put into making this great game, by the way!

does the game have a gallery for unlocked scenes?


For the public version that will be in the next update. However it鈥檚 available in the Patreon version now.

Did any of your other games have galleries?

I remember playing then years ago but don't remember if they had.

Best of luck on future projects

I'm here to report quite a terrible bug. Sorry in advance, both for the length and in the eventuality I might be sounding too harsh.

Essentially I've reached the very game end (or at least I assume so, I haven't been able to find yet because of what happened afterwards...), where zombies have been cleared out and you need to meet Paige and Carol at the parking.

I had received a reminder this would have been the last day and therefore the last chance to try and complete everything else, so I proceeded to complete some of the stuffs I had left behind. At one point, I've also reached Annette's house, where there was a confirmation popup alerting me that I should have gotten inside only at the end of the day. I pressed yes and that catapulted me into a cutscene that led to Paige getting in distress inside her room. After this, I saved the game, but little did I know it would have screwed me completely (I've been playing the whole time by overriding the same save file over and over). This basically brought me back in time, with no way of returning to the end of day 7. A new question mark popped up between the kitchen and the entrance to free Paige, and adding insult to injury, once I enabled it to free her and getting back to Annette's house, that made me play an old scene where you're being chased down by Paige's mom and where you should presumably be controlling Paige herself ("Paige dungeon 1"), with the only difference that this time around I'm controlling Claire.

Also, not sure if this is a bug / it's intentional / I'm just bad and haven't been able to figure out a workaround myself, but once I get blindfolded after running into too many traps, my game screen goes completely black. I've read somewhere that your vision is reduced severely, but in my case it's simply 100% black. I can still access and see the game menu just fine, though.

The game is stuck at day 4.After saving the girl from the spider webs at residential street ,the only option left is to enter a house where you get kidnapped and the game ends.

Hello, I have a question in this game, the heroine will not be stripped naked, only down to her underwear. Or naked it's for Patreon.

Nude is for Patreon only, I tried to keep this version as vanilla as possible.

Lol, someone delete my post here because they think my post is cringy, but I said it honestly, no drama at all. I complaint because no guide at all and no hint where I should do the tasks or like an Exclamation Mark (!) to see what we should do. I was being stuck at day 3 because it doesnt say anything about it and some glitches happened when you used old version before Hotfix was being downloaded.


Walkthrough will be out for next update.


Thanks for the information, Sir. I will appreciate your work

idk why, but i couldnt download it huhuhhu

What鈥檚 the issue you鈥檙e having?

i finally can download it hehe. thanks for the reply! but just wanna share and ask. actually, i'm stuck in natasha's mansion. idk what should i do. i cant find anything for the bathtub huhuhu

Investigate the body in the hall just before that room that located at the bottom right. Use what you find on the sink inside the bathroom, then on the door to the top left of that hall.

Deleted post

I鈥檝e made some decent changes for the start of the game and majority of plot since the last update.

Deleted post

As promised, I'd write down here and tell you what I thought about your game.
First, art assets is beautifully made.(I'm still in love with her back! Lol)
Demo definitely got some bugs on it. I could only go as far as taking a bath with Paige's mother. (Not sure if there's more to it or not)
I did notice at the end there, there was another woman by the door, talk to her, the mother for some reason shows up by the book shelves.
Paige's personality is definitely interesting. Lol.

It feels like there's a lot more you could come up with. Overall, the game itself is fairy decent and the art assets, again, is beautifully made. 

Keep up the good work, Bondco.


Thank you so much! Yeah that girl was a debug tool I forgot to take out but she's gone now. 


Hi! Really like the game so far, but I think I've encountered a bug in day 4. At the beginning of the day it doesn't load Paige's sprite in her room (the dialogue however does happen). Then, after doing the delivery for Carol and checking on her, she only says "Hope it went well for you guys" even if there is a question mark over her head. Is this normal? Thanks :)


That sounds like I may have labelled the day wrong somehow, I'll take a look into it and have it fixed for the next update :)


What happened to the status option in the menu? ive only played day 1, but in the demos the status option has some nice artwork in the gas station and charleston mansion.


I broke the game with it,. I鈥檒l see if I can include it in a future update if I can get it working again :)


Will the game have a mobile port?

Nothing planned for that, but I can always look into it.


Ok just wanted to know thanks for answering

Since this game is made with RPG maker you can play this game on Android using "JoiPlay"  emulator.


Woah. Did you draw all of these pictures? It looks pretty neat. I especially like the title. Especially her back. Whoever did it, did a really good job with it. I'll need to pick up the paste, myself.

Sadly, I can't download it as half way, it tells me Forbidden Download. Not your fault, I don't think. I believe it's my internet acting up again. Been having issues this year for whatever reason.

Keep up the good work. I'll download it when I can and give an honest opinion for you!


Thank you so much! And yup, I'm the artist , developer, and writer. Is it only on Itchi.io that you're having that issue?


I've no idea. Lol. I only found this game on here and no where else. But I wasn't really looking all that much, either. I'm only on here during my free time. I'll go and check on the other websites for this specific game and see for myself. I forget that Itch.io would sometimes have issues with downloads.


I am currently trying out Anonfile from F95Zone to see if it's on my end or Itch.io.

Also, thank you for replying so fast. It surprised me. Lol.

If it's not too much trouble for you, you should probably set up a Discord account to gain more followers as I've seen others gain popularity from it.

I'm also an Artist and working on my own Game via RPG Maker MZ. So I know how much of a pain it can be creating assets. Sadly, I'm having to redo my art assets as I felt it was too "clean", even with all the details. It was almost like looking at dolls instead of natural drawing.


I did have a discord for a little but it became too much to manage. I might create another one in the future but it depends on how much time I can commit to it. If you'd like I can take a look and see what you have going on with your game, I love seeing what other people develop with the engine. 

Lol. The game is called The Legacy of Densare. It's not out yet. But it's similar to Record of Agarest war, just without the game mechanic that game has and more into RPG Maker style with my art assets and pixel edits. I plan to release half of the first chapter hopefully sometimes next month as I'm still working on the first part and trying to deal with JS and other plugins to bring the game to life. Especially looking for Army Battle systems. Once I have that, the game would be complete in no time. Sadly, MZ doesn't have a lot of plugins options for those type yet so I may have to add that in much later.

Also, I managed to download your game. Will play it here soon.

Here. This is my current art assets. You can join in and check for yourself. It's nothing popular at the moment and I wasn't really planning for it to be.



Hi! I remember reading somewhere that subscribing once to the patreon at the top level would guarantee the spicy versions for the future as they come out. Was i misunderstanding?

Nope, you can still access it! Just go to the same link you went to with the same password and it will work. If you ended up losing the link just contact me over at Patreon, or DM me on Deviantart :)

Oh so that version will be updated when it's ready?

It's been update throughout the last few months, I just have to work out some bugs and a couple more scenes.

ok 1 off last day 7 freeing ada from memers 2 major bugs on that scene. if you talk to the 1 girl you get this error bug and game crashes if you talk to girl 3 the scene plays out fine till she gets released then the cut screen scene of her tied up gets stuck on the game and wont go away.

Ok I鈥檒l get that patched up tonight with another hot fix. Thanks for the heads up!

On the day 7, i'm with Paige and i don't know how to advance, in the church i have to find someone in a hole but i can do nothing.

If you鈥檙e playing as Paige just save one girl and head back to Lady D at the gas station. If you鈥檙e looking for the girl in the hole of the chapel she should be to the right of the chapel interior.

I already save one girl but the lady keep saying "Check the Trash Panda Apartments and maybe the club. I bet are around there somewhere.". And i click everywhere in the chapel but nothing append.

You can also grab the fire extinguisher and go to the right of the gas station. There鈥檚 also a girl in the pool area, and to the right of that same building you can save.

Yes i visit all the 3 girls but the lady keeps repeating the same phrase.

Ok I'm gonna take a look tonight and get some fixes out ASAP


Where is the lewd version is it the $10 Patreon


seems like it according to the Q&A

Yup only on Patreon. Subscribe once though and you get access to any future updates on the game.


Hi, I have a problem at the start of the day 7, the screen is all black.

All black or just dark? And is at the start or was there something you did just before it went black?

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+1. Yes it's black. It actually starts with Claire's inner monologue. And then all black but with background music. When I keep pressing buttom, it comes out with two dialouges with black background. I guess there is just no graphical interface...


Yes. Day 7 is not playable.

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Ok I'll take a look at that, there must be an issue with the transfer from the junkyard.


You can remove the black screen if you manage to go out off the room and speak to someone in the kitchen, but it's a bit difficult to move seeing nothing.


What version is this?




There is a glitch when first meeting Yuffie on day 4 where you can go back to that place again and get stuck.

Thanks for that, I thought I locked the house out afterwards. I'll add that into the bug lists for next update!

Also, How do you gain access to this area?

Did you help and find Chairman Meow on the previous days?

Yes I did.

I double checked, and all you need to do is feed Chariman meow on day 1. After you fed him you found the girl in the alley, right?


Hi, I want to know the versi贸n of this game, I already download the versi贸n on Itchi.o but seems the versi贸n on the page is old the scenes are little different from the youtube videos like example the bathroom scene (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZHwgZ5fRAo).

This is version 1.0, almost all the scenes are different from anything on youtube. Changed a lot of things around for this one.


Thanks!! I like the game, it's  very funny,   Still have a lot bugs but nothing serious, my warning is to saving a lot, comeback to a different point, for example after the scene in the bathroom with Carol, you only need to go straight to Paige's room and talk with Carol, if the player goes to talk with Paige or take other actions can trigger a bug, also try to complete the task to Carol give you but don't talk with the npc afte help them or Carol dialogue continues tell to the player to complete the task and don't let player to progress into story.

It's crazy, it's like I fix 1 bug and 99 more pop up. It's the way of game development guess. And thank you very much for the compliment :)

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Bondco, do you have change your page at itch?
I had bought this game something like 2 years ago.
But it's not in my collection anymore, and it's look like I have to buy it again...

Just hit "No thanks, take me to donwload" and it'll work  :)

Didn't think about that... it's work.