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Love it! This game is fantastic, it combines two of my absolute favorite things! I love all the resident evil references! Would it be possible to get some download links for the songs, specifically the menu song? (which used to be the theme of the gas station?)

Thank you very much :) That wouldn't be a problem I'll creat a folder with links to all the artists fi I get a chance.


got into the mansion, i have no idea how to keep going. I thought night 2 was already in the game, or am i just dumb? XD 

The mansion  part is night 2. What part are you stuck on?


after making a first sweep i can't take the thing stuck in the bath

You need the rusty blade from the top left bedroom in the west hall. There is a switch by the nightstand, hit it and a door will unlock. Inside will be the blade you can use on the bathtub.


Heh, prety fun game. Love the little quirk here and there! :D

Thank you! Quirky is a fun change of pace for me :)


I'm blindfolded and lost.. I fell in all the traps without saving before hand.. In fact.. I hadn't saved at all.. Woops..

The next update I might be switching out how the blindfold works to make it more fair. I'm also working on a funner trap system :)



Haha well thanks for that! It's not too far away!

broOo YEss bro this finna be a tradition with me and my friend now LMAO


Bug Report:

1. I took the lower right exit from the pumps and Claire's portrait's eyes appeared on the screen blinking even though there wasn't a conversation. Also, I tried talking to the twins there and it entered a conversation but no dialogue was coming up and everytime I pressed "Z" the screen blinked and nothing else happened.

2. When I completed the demo the final bondage scene kept looping.

Overall I really enjoyed this demo and look forward to further updates. Great Job!

Please stay safe.

Thank you so much! I'll take a look into those bugs for the next update. You stay safe too friend, it's crazy out there.


Has a very Bondco feel, so if people like Hostage Hotel they will like this too. I am interested in seeing some real gameplay but what's there is a great start.

One complaint, the game says "Residents of Evilville" but the game takes place is "Trash Panda City"... Well, which is it? Do they live in Evilville or Trash Panda (lol) City?! Broken lore 0/10... just teasing ;)


Thanks for that! The gameplay really starts on night 2 where Claire can get some game overs and those defenseiv items and herbs come into play. Lmao I was hoping no one would notice anything about the title but you foiled my plans.

But of course! Nothing gets past my developer eye!


The art work gets better every game you make. Have you always done art?


thanks for that comment! I have only been drawing for about 2 years. I wanted to make games so I said “I’m gonna learn art and coding and make a game”. Here I am now! :p

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Bug Report: (just in case you didn't know) Leaving the backroom of the store (once you get access to it) teleports you to the store room in front of the locked door (I guess its the dungeon ;P).
Btw, amazing job. I love being able to see how your skill and style of game-making has changed since the first Hostage Hotel. Keep up the great work :D


Thank you so much! Hostage hotel was a real learning experience and really made me fall love with making games. What do you like most about this game if you don’t mind me asking?  And I’ll fix that bug in the next patch :)


LOL I love what you did there, Claire Bluefield XD. Can't wait for more updates!


hehe sometimes you gotta be sneaky ;)


i cant seem to find the juse for the punken guy

Its to your right, the yellow lit up juice.


Finally! I loved the demo and now I'm really looking forward to playing this. Date on next version?

Thanks man. I'll have another update on April 17th. So hope you look forward to it :)